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Pup Reservation Process:

When clients decide to reserve a spot on our pup list, they go on the list for the exact sex and color puppy they desire in order of deposit. When litters are born, we notify clients from the top down. From earliest deposit to latest.

For example: If you are black female reservation number 4, we will notify you when a 4th black female pup is 10 days old. At this time, we will discuss if the particular breeding will provide what you desire in your dog. It will be your choice to stay with this breeding or pass to the next available litter based on how well YOU think the breeding will fit your needs from our discussions.

We stopped taking reservations on exact litters because rearranging clients when litters miss or don't provide adequate color/sex counts becomes a nightmare. With this current system, you are not missed or skipped over when a specific litter does not have the exact color and sex count needed. We simply go down the list of reservations in order when litters are born.

We do hold spots for every sex and color to be placed into our started dog program. These spots are treated like every other reservation. When pups are born and available, they move into our puppy imprinting program at 8 weeks of age, and are reserved for started dog sales only.

Breeding Program

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Found a home in NORTH CAROLINA


LABRADOR, Male, 2019

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