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Customer Comments

These are a few of the dogs we have produced and/or trained over the years……

Our breeding program is focused on health, trainability, overall performance, and last but not least, ease of handling. Everyone is not a professional dog trainer or handler, so we attempt to produce dogs an average duck hunter can handle with ease. They can enjoy hunting without the frustration of an uncontrollable dog. Hard driving, excellent performing retrievers, with great retrieve desire can be produced without force fetching. Our training techniques teach dogs to have fun while they are retrieving.You just need to be selective with the bloodlines and training programs you choose. If you have a dog from us, and want to see their picture on our produced page just email it over.

See what our clients to say about our dogs, and their performances !
Dan Braman 4.16.2017 Red Molly
I have had labs my entire life and hunt more then most each and every year. When my old dog got to where he couldn’t hunt any longer I began looking for another dog. I called Ace and Tommy surprise we didn’t talk much about dogs but rather my personality. After our discussion he asked me to his place to look at a couple dogs. I found it truly amazing that he was more concerned in pairing my personality with the right dog then just selling me any dog. I am a guy that demands perfection from a dog and Ace was able to notice that just by talking with me. While at Ace’s place he said that he had a red female that was somewhat head strong and would need an owner that would keep her respect on a high level. From the moment they brought Molly out and I threw a tennis ball we have never been apart. In the seasons that I’ve hunter her she has retrieved slightly over a thousand birds to my hand, she has likewise learned to be a decoy dog while coyote hunting, and track blood on cripple deer. Molly also turkey hunts with me and will lie flat down on the ground as the turkeys come in. I can say with absolute honesty that in all of this time hunting with Molly I have used the word “no” exactly three times. There no chance I’ll ever get any dog from anyone but Ace. The honesty, willingness to answer my questions, and continued friendship is unreal.
Dan Braman. Mellon Creek Outfitters / WildlifersTV
Isabella von Roemeling 4.2.2017
Just wanted to send a quick hello and thanks again for the wonderful pup (named jaeger) that you entrusted to us! It’s been 5 months (Jaeger is 7 months old) since we picked him up and he is a wonderful companion.
Thanks again!
Gary Wright 3.23.2017
Abby was 1 year old on March 4th and is around 50 lbs. We have been shed hunting but haven’t found any yet except the ones I plant for her to find. I have no doubt she will find them if they are in the area.  She quarters out with her nose going all the time, but don’t get too far away.
She found a deer for me after dark that had gone about 2 hundred yards. When I shot, 4 or 5 deer went in different directions, but she only tracked the one I shot with my crossbow. Without her it would have been the next mourning before I recovered the deer.  I use a bell and strobe on a special collar and she knows exactly what I want her to do when I put it on her and say find the deer.  I can take deer hide from the freezer and make a big circular drag and just start her on it and even without me going with her she will track it down and retrieve it back to me.  I don’t use a lead on her she is way to fast.  That is why I use the bell and strobe. She is making a find blood trailing and shed hunting dog as well as a good house pet. The only problem I have is she wants to lick you and nudge you with her nose all the time, especially my wife.  I can say no and keep her under control.  I think she is still acting a lot like a puppy even though she weighs 50 lbs.  Feel free to have anyone looking to buy a pup contact me for a reference.  I would definitely buy her full red sister.
Gary Wright
Candice Caravella – 2.10.2014

Hi Ace, my fiancée and I purchased a British fox red lab from you back in 2012. We Just wanted to share some pictures with you and to let you know how happy we are with our boy Drake! He is a great hunter, companion, protector and cuddler! Thanks again for changing our lives with this amazing dog! Son of Diablo & goose. Born 12.30.11

Billy Haney, MS – 12/28/13 – Finished Dog Ruff

For two years I have been working with Ace in getting a puppy to train. THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE PROBLEM BUT JUST THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG IN THE BEST LAID PLANS, I finally decided to try and acquire an imported dog that was ready to go. I was very hesitant but Ace was very patient. He had a dog that I really liked so we made a deal. Ruff is everything I had dreamed about. He has become a member of the Haney family. Ace worked with us and we are bonding. He told me he wsas quick and smart. Boy was that an understatement! He is explosive and quick. In Si Robertsons words, we are happy, happy, happy! If you want a dog, meet and talk to Ace. He knows his stuff!

12.14.2013, Finished Dog Bale

This morning was opening day after the split. I have been working with bale every day for the last 8 days. He has done excellent during workouts My buddy Matt and I shot 7 teal 1 canvasback 1 gadwall 2 shovelers and 1 widgeon. Bale preformed flawless. I need to get him use to getting up on the dog stand. Canvasback was over 200 yard blind. All the other duck except for the teal were all 100-150 yards and I pushed him off all the long blinds. I couldn’t have got a dog that was this dialed in. Thanks again Ace. Mark Forster, TX


Hi Ace, awesome news about Zeus… here’s a photo of his son, Hercules – we had our early dove season this month and he hunted like a champion. He found and retrieved about 50 dove and is shaping up to be a fantastic beautiful dog – we couldn’t be happier with him. We can’t wait for duck season!

Devon F. Ayres

Hi Ace,
Here are a few pictures of Leila, she is doing great! She loves jumping off the pier and lives to retrieve. I’ve had dogs all my life but never one that I enjoyed more than Leila. She’s well behaved (thanks to you) and eager to please. I’ve always been told you can’t have a dog that’s both a pet and will work but she’s proven that mindset wrong. She loves playing with the kids and chasing a ball but when it’s time to work she’s ready to go.
The black dog in the blind with Leila is Sam, he’s my brother’s dog and is also one of yours.
Laten, Beauty, and Darcie. Crawfish boil. April 14, 2013.
Two really easy working dogs. Maybe Laten is a future Ace’s Retrievers pro staffer? He certainly thinks so!
(and no, the music is not added, it was actually playing in Jonathan’s truck!)

Laten, Beauty, and Darcie

From Gary. 4.30.2013 – Oak
I wasn’t sure if I sent this to you or not. This was oak getting a Canadian I dropped over a farm pond in January. He is still doing great and will be ready for his second season this fall. We are more than pleased with him and all my buddies are amazed at his desire and drive to retrieve. Thanks again!
Awesome video of Jackson!
Started dog out of Diablo and Sadie!


Cody Fontenot – 3.7.2013
“Here are a couple of pics with my British labs. The 1st pic is a grandaughter of Diablo. She is 4 months old. 2nd pic. My two favorite boys. IKE, my 8 yr old son, & Drake, my 2yr old Diablo grandson doing what they love. Duck hunting.”


2.16.2013 Just wanted to let you know River is doing well and has gotten used to her new home. She’s made friends with my neighbors new pup and enjoys her trips in the car. She LOVES the pool and has fun playing with the kids. We are loving this wonderful dog!
Christy and Kevin Johnston, and girls.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity to own Dawson. I was incredibly skeptical at first as I had never duck hunted much less hunted with a dog. Having big game hunted all over the world, I was ready for something different and had made the decision that duck and goose hunting, specifically hunting with a dog, was next.

When I watched the video of Dawson on your site, I was hooked, although I really dont know why. I think it had to do with his attitude and I could immediately tell that he loved, no, he absolutely craved, retrieving and he craved pleasing you.

After getting home with him, I followed your advice and spent time with him EVERY day. Even if it was only for a couple of minutes working basic obedience or a couple of retrieves. I didn’t know what I was doing and he was just a started dog, not a finished dog.
I watched your videos online every night and would practice what you teach the very next day.

The most important decision I made with Dawson was to go duck hunting with you the first few times. I will admit that with a started dog that had never hunted and having me giving him directions and I had never duck hunted, I was worried whether or not he would tie things together once we were in the field. I felt very confident working him at home with bumpers but I had butterflies like I was getting ready to play a football game that first morning we headed out to hunt ducks. Having you there to give directions to me was invaluable. Not only are you a bad ass duck hunter, you knew my dog. So the directions you gave me were specific to him and that made all the difference in the world.

I will never forget that morning when he made his first retrieve. Then he made his second and third and fourth. Then came the live bird and I was nervous that he might freak out over that. You said “send him”. I sent him and he smashed the Mallard Drake and didnt even blink on the retrieve.

The other morning I will never forget was the morning you had me go lay on the levy and laughed at me as I showed you all how to do a perfect tuck and roll off of the back board to shoot ducks that came in behind me! That was the morning that Dawson finally picked up the birds in the air on their approach. From that moment on, it only takes one word….”Watch!!!” and Dawson starts scanning the sky. Once he sees the birds, he just starts quivering, waiting to retrieve! Often he will spot the birds before I see them. I have never seen a dog that loves what he does more than my dog, Dawson.

You bred him, you raised him, you started him, you went on his first hunts with me and him, and now i get to enjoy him!

Ace, thanks again!

Drayton Martin


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Misty. She is so full of energy and eager to please. I took her on her first hunt one week after I brought her home and all I can say is, “wow.” We were shooting teal one after the other and it was chaos. She didn’t miss a bird! The rest of the season she improved with every hunt. I’m looking forward to many years of hunting with my new friend and hunting partner. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in the market for great dog.
Jeff Held
Just a few pictures of Drake’s first year Duck hunting. He’s a year and a half old, had your 4 week obedience training course at 6 months old and he’s doing really good. I hope to have more time this year to work with him before next season but right now he’s bringing back the ducks I’m sending him after so I couldn’t ask for much more than that. Hope to have more pictures before the end of this season.

Jeremy Cooper, P.S.

Drake – 1st year

Drake – 1st year
Drake – 2nd year
Drake – 3rd year – 1st deer trailed
Drake – 3rd year
Drake – 3rd year

Ace, Here are a few pictures of Palin’s first season. We didn’t hunt much with the new baby girl at home. But when we did, Palin was on point! She picked up 23 birds this year. I sent her to you to train while my wife and I cared for my brother after his terrible accident. I have always trained our dogs myself, but I was in no position to continue. Hurt brother, pregnant wife, and Palin was a very stubborn puppy (as I’m sure you remember). I was thoroughly impressed with what you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. You broke through with her, set a VERY solid foundation, and were always available for advice while I continued her training after bringing her home. CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS BEST! You did an EXCELLENT job with her and I got numerous compliments and inquiries about you and your staff throughout the season.

Now that things have settled down, my wife and I are planning to get another lab. Most likely one of your pups, but I wouldn’t mind having a started dog from you either. We will be making that decision soon. Either way, I want you to train it. Thanks again for your help and continued service throughout the past year. I’ll be in touch soon.
Best Regards,
W. Justin Rountree

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Sam. He has been one of the best
family dogs I’ve ever owned and that’s saying a lot. He’s great with the kids and my
5 year old can work him he’s so easy to handle on his bumpers. He was truly impressive
afield too. He had 30-40 retrieves and a lot of them were blinds. Steady as a rock and
hunted from boats, blinds, stumps, logs and in all sorts of settings. It was his first season
and he found every bird he was sent on, including a couple I probably shouldn’t have sent him for.
Thanks for the work you guys put into him, it is greatly appreciated.
Todd M. Clanton, AL
Darcie – Tommy Rutherford – 1.30.2012 – 228.493.3474
I have known Ace for many years, and trust him completely. I contemplated the purchase of a pooch for a long time, constantly studying them while visiting Ace. I knew I wanted a small dog. As small as I could acquire. Lacking patience, I also needed a dog that was very easy to command. I wanted a girl, because I believe they are easier to handle, and they are smaller in stature. And, I wanted one as black as wet asphalt. While on a trip to Ireland, Ace got to hunt over a coal black, small female, that was very easy to handle. When she became available, he called me, and said this is the dog for you. I sent him the check immediately, and she was brought into the country soon after. She was delivered to me the week before duck season, and slept in the bed the first night at camp. She is the sweetest little thing you can imagine, and she LOVES to make me happy. She picked up plenty ducks this year for numerous handlers. She is coal black, and 42 pounds soaking wet! She is asleep on the recliner as I write this……… And now for the rest of the story…… A friend of mine came specklebelly goose hunting, and a camp guest said that MY Darcy would never pick them up. Not paying attention to this genius, I took her goose hunting the next morning. Over the next 2 days, she picked up 20 specklebellies! Most of them alive and kicking. She also picked up some snows, and a few more specks throughout the rest of the season. She hunted in fields, timber, and flooded WRP, without a hitch (as the pics below will show). She also found a crippled mallard, next to a drainpipe, in cover so thick, a rat could not get through. Oh. And he was 200 yards from where last he was seen. She easily won camp sweetheart, and I am surprised someone did not steal her! I knew what I wanted, and Ace got me just that. I wanted a small dog, black as wet asphalt, that was easy to handle. What I have is shining black diamond, smaller than my breakfasts, that drives like a Beemer. C’mon! Get you one!

Darcie the Great!


1.31.2012 – Oakleigh

Just wanted to let you know how well Oakleigh is doing this season. She turned three in December and has really turned the corner this year. She’s still in the blind, holds until sent(most times) and retrieves with a passion. She has had some seriously hard hunts on the coast this year (long retrieves against the tide, retrieves in solid mud and oysters) and she loves every minute of it. I just wanted to thank you again for a great dog and for all the training help you have provided to get her this far.

Took a 2 to 3 hour trail through 600 yards of thick grown up cutover and another 200 to 300 yards of open woods. Very little blood was found. Found blood in 4 or 5 spots where deer stopped. Would have had no chance without dog. Being her first trail i did not know what to expect and pulled her off the trail about 100 yards in because the hunter said he saw the deer a little beyond the point that she turned. After making a few loops and backtracking she went the same path again this time i stayed on it with her. She was right the first time. Deer was alive when we got to it. I tied her up in reach of the deer while i cut its throat. She was very skiddish when the deer moved and gasped, but after a few minutes she warmed up and bayed it hard. She was all over the deer licking the blood up and was fed a little meat on site. For a first recovery and 10 months old i was very impressed and so was the hunters that shot the deer. Thank you for the help with her, as i hope to find many more deer with her.

Blood Trail Comment


Beignet is a wonderful member of our family, sleeping in the girls room at night, going for a run with my wife during the morning hours, and meeting me at the door in the afternoon to go work dummies at the park. I trained her myself so she must be very smart, because I have had very little training experience. She works the ducks mostly with her nose, and enjoys the hunt whether there is a kill or not. She love the beach, loves to swim and enjoys a great day out side, at the same time she is very polite and well behaved as a house dog. We are very pleased. I have had Labs my entire life and I think she is wonderful.

J. Watt Duffy III

I’d love for you to have a picture of Beignet on your Web page.. in the Produced Dogs.
She is a wonderful hunter you should be very proud of her.
Thanks again from the entire Family and check out her facebook page.
Beignet Duffy

J. Watt Duffy III


This is Missi. I got her from you guys last june. She is 8 months old, has made over 50 retrieves this season. Thanks! Great dog with awesome drive


She did good. Like you said she just had to figure out what I wanted. Sent her out for the greenhead in the video and the second it flopped a little she was on it! She picked up 15 birds this weekend so I think she’s got it! Quiet and steady in the blind. Sat at heel the whole time watching the sky ready to go. She never broke once. I even left her alone in the blind on”stay” and we waded out to stand where birds were landing. We stood and shot birds where she could see us but she sat well behaved in the blind. She really has a great temperament.

Thanks for helping me.


Hi Ace

Well, the waterfowl season ended 2 weeks ago and the snipe season finished up yesterday and I feel that Reba had a real good first hunting season. She was close to perfect in the duck blind. Didn’t break on a shot or a downed duck in full view. Did real well on blind retrieves and found lost birds with her incredible nose. She still had a tendency to run off on her own in the snipe marsh, but less as each hunt went along. She can sure find downed snipe that tend to run off if they can and in head high sawgrass that’s almost too thick to walk in. She retrives to hand and holds the birds until I’m ready to take them from her. To me that’s all you can ask for in a young retriever. She’s great in the house, boats and cars and has become very fond of my lap even though she has to take turns with my Setters.
I thought you would be interested in an update on her. I’m attaching a couple of photos from the end of season.


Ace, Sunny has been a great family dog and has been very impressive hunting dog also. i have hunted her every time i have been and we have not shot alot of ducks butt she has done very well. some of the ducks that we have shot sailed 125 to 150 yards out in the salt grass and i wouldn’t even send her out after them until after the hunt because i really didn’t think she would hunt that for butt after the hunt i would send her and she went off line a little butt she was down wind and when she picked up the scent it was on. i had a buddy that saw it and he was very impressed for her being 9 months old and doing as well as she is doing. she has the best nose i have ever seen, she will pick up a scent probably 60 to 70 feet away, it is amazing! i am very pleased in how she is doing!

Thanks Jeremy Broussard

And yes if you don’t mind i would like to get Sunny back to you for casting in Feb. i will send more pics when i get them loaded on the computer!



Annie has adjusted perfectly and is such a happy puppy. Annie is a huge part of our family already. Outside of work, I take her just about everywhere its ok to take a puppy. She has met all of the family, the babies, the kids,she has visited the local camps and was very calm with a big cookout with over 40 people, she is now friends with all the neighborhood dogs.
She is doing great in the Crate at night if she is not in someone’s bed. We work together twice a day. Obediance on a walk and then we hit the field behind the house when I get off of work. After that the kids have “Tennis ball time ” for fun. On land her blinds and single marks are about 70 yards right now and doubles are about 40 yards.
I wanted to let you know after 3 hunts Annie has picked up more that 40 ducks so far. My friends cannot believe how steady she is and how good her nose and drive to find the down bird is. I have recovered about 30% more birds hunting with just this little 6 month old puppy.
Yesterday, I changed things up on her and instead of the duck pond we when to a slough by my deer standwhere I knew wood ducks were in. I took one of the camp kids who had never shot a duck. We sat down in some cover and amongst some cypress knees. I called for about 10 mins when 50 woodies lit on the water about 10 yards from us. Annie did not move even after the shots. I let the young man shot and I marked the fallen birds. On his first chance at wooducks he got his limit and Annie marked one, then blind got the other two.. That young man is one more addicted Duck Hunter. He told his daddy all he needed was an Annie and a Benelli and he knows where the wood ducks were.

Thanks for all you do,
I take alot of pride in having one of ” Ace’s Gun Dogs”,

Trent Griggs


Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately, its been a crazey summer! Lilly is doing great!!! I took her out on Saturday and we got 11 birds, 5 of which I never would have been able to find without her. We were hunting in a pond along the river with grass about 4 feet tall. The birds would have been impossible for me to find. Twice the bird dove and Lilly couldn’t find it right away, I pulled her back for about ten min., then sent her in again and she found them. On one goose I clipped a wing and it sailed about 200 yds and started flapping into the river. I wrote that bird off as gone, but Lilly was on it and made a great retrive. This dog has a great nose! I hide things in tall grass and she always finds them. She has perfect mannors, no barking or jumping. My wife and daughter both love the dog. I am amazed at quick she learns new things. I have using the bath room on command, waiting to eat until released, and retrieving triple blinds. She has become much less timid now that she knows us and is much more agressive on the retrive, plus she swims like a beaver! If you ever need a recomendation please feel free to give them my name. This is truely the dog I was looking for.
Thanks for everything,
PS. I haven’t taken many pictures yet but I plan to this week. I will send some when I do.


She’s doing great. We slept her in a crate in the house Thursday night. Then I stayed home Friday and we goofed around all day. I took her swimming at the pond, and walked her on the trail with the other dogs. Threw a few tennis balls, and generally goofed around. She stayed close to me the whole time. One time she ignored me when I called her to come. I went and gave her a light tug on the collar, and she never did it again. I put her in and out of the kennel a few times while I was doing stuff, and she never barked or anything. I put her out in the kennel that night, and she slept like a baby.


Saturday I introduced her to the chickens and she really liked them a lot. She just stood there staring and wagging, but she didn’t try to chase them.


Sunday I brought her up to the shop. She wouldn’t go up the metal slat stairs. I think she didn’t like the openings on the back of the steps. I’ll bring her up here with another dog and she’ll probably follow him up.


Ace, Rea is hands down the best dog I’ve ever bought. Your training of her is top notch. She’s real soft and needs a very light touch, but she’s not shy. She’s real playful and happy, but she’s not hyper at all. She relaxes as soon as you put her up.


I’m more than happy with Rea. She’s perfect.





I wanted you to know how extremely pleased I am with my new started Fox Red Lab., Reba. She’s been with us just 2 weeks and already is fitting in nicely with my two Llewelen Setters and adjusting to home life amazingly well. I have been very impressed with her attentiveness and obedience both in the house and in the field. It is obvious to me that she has had a lot of time and effort spent to bring her along this far at such a young age of 8 months. She is a testament to the devotion to good breeding and training that you strive to acheive in order to have puppies and dogs that you can be proud of and new owners that get everything they hoped for and more. She’s had limited field experience with me, but has all the drive and responsiveness I could want. She is a bird finding machine and always looking for direction. She is very loyal and obedient and most pleasurable to have as part of the family.

Thank you for getting me off to a great start with my new pup. I intend to continue her training this Summer and have her ready for the hunting season next Fall.


P. F. Fleming DVM


That sure is a clear duck pond !!!!!


Thanks for another job well done. Chance is the second retriever I bought from you and had you train. Chance was the best dog in the dove field this September and he is only 8 months old. He is always eager to play with the kids, but when it is time to work he is down to business. He is so eager to learn and please I am planning on putting him on blood trails this bow season. By the end of this hunting season Chance will be a finely tooned retriever and blood trailing dog. What more can one ask for out of the family pet?

Thanks Again,


P.S. I will send pictures!!

To whom it may concern,

I purchased a starter dog in August of 2005 from Mr. Berry and have been well pleased. I
have taken the dog hunting from Stuttgart Arkansas through Tallulah LA. down as far as Port Eads,LA. ( 25 miles south of Venice, LA for those of you who do not know) and have been amazed.The dogs obedience and retrieval skills are top of the line. I also bread this same dog to Mr. Berry’s
red lab named “D”. My female had 6 puppies, 3 yellow and 3 black, which I kept a black female

and my best friend kept a black female. The two dogs have different personalities but both dogs
would make any avid hunter proud. I have been very pleased with Mr. Berry and his fantastic waywith the dogs. The dogs are completely rope trained ( no shock collar) and it shows in the dogswillingness to please the owner. I would recommend Ace Berry Retrievers to any hunter or familythat desires a very special Lab.I f you have any questions please call Jason Ward, P.E. @ 228-669-2814Thank You,

Jason Ward, P.E.

June 10, 2009

Ace,I just wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with my black lab (Bear) that i purchased from you last year. I took him out to the blind last year at three months with almost no training, and he retrieved his first two wood ducks for me.. I’ve been workin with him a lot, he’s now doin singles, doubles, and blinds, and has an amazing drive to hunt.. I know he’ll do good for me this season and many seasons in the future.. Thanks a lot, Kord..


October 3rd, 2009

Dear Ace,

Our family is most pleased with Miss Abby who has adapted to life in the

Bahamas really well. We were out this morning hunting white crowned pigeons

in thick cover and she didn’t miss a bird. This afternoon we were at the

beach with our family where she’s becoming quite an avid fisherman along the

shoreline. She is a keen hunter and gentle family friend who is well

mannered and quick to learn. She’s is a wonderful addition to our family.

Peter Dupuch



I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with my Fox Red Labrador Retriever that I purchased from you. At 7 1/2 months she placed second in the “Mark Smith Benefit” Puppy Trials. She competed against dogs that were up to a year old. She will be one year old this month and since our duck season has started just two weeks ago, she has already retrieved 45 ducks. She is doing blind, double and triple marked retrieves.

I understand your goal is to get the right mix, breeding British blood with the right amount of American blood. I think you have achieved your goal. After getting to know you, I can see you take such pride in your dogs. I am so pleased with my dog (Bree). I would definitely recommend Aces Gun Dog Kennels to anyone looking for a lab.


A.J. Achary


Fetching Drinks




This is quite impressive