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Jack 22

Gender: Male

Sire: Elite "Ranger" Mallard Ranger at Carlvalley


Birth Date: July 6, 2020

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Trump is a British/Irish Labrador Retriever. Trump is a yellow lab, but he is so light in color he almost looks white. Trump will be sold as a finished dog later this year in 2022. He has all the right tools to make a great finished dog, and we are in the process of fine tuning those good traits. He will turn two years old in July of 2022. He weighs about 65 pounds and is microchipped and comes with full AKC registration. He currently is collar conditioned, force fetched, steady with gunfire, worked with decoys, frozen birds and is running double marks and going on the word back. He has great drive but is also very patient. We are super excited for him.

Right now we are working on our casting work with our right and left backs and we will soon move to left and right overs.  We are also going to continue our whistle work and lengthen our marks and blinds! (1/27/22)

Some of the videos you see of Trump will be from last fall or summer, some more recent ones will start being uploaded as we get the work in.

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