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Basic Retriever Training Program – Ace Retrievers

Basic Retriever Training Program Info

We teach dogs to retrieve single marks and double marks. We teach how to follow the BACK command (which covers unmarked falls and the first half of the blind retrieve). Additionally, we expose dogs to guns and frozen birds.

When your dog arrives, we do an evaluation to determine where he/she fits in our program. 

Where your dog fits in the Basic Retriever Training Program will be in one of these stages:

Imprinting: All dogs we raise go through what we call “imprinting”. Imprinting is where the dog learns retrieving is awesome/fun on land and water. They also learn to use their nose in tall grass. Once a dog has completed imprinting, we then move to leash introduction and obedience work. 

Stages 1 and 2: When leash intro is complete. We combine obedience with single marked retrieves. We then advance to double marked retrieves. 

Stage 3: Once stages 1 and 2 are complete. We progress forward with the addition of the BACK command for blind retrieves. This is when the dog learns to go for an unmarked dummy/bird when he/she is lined up and told BACK. Once all of this is running really smooth at short distances. We work on steadying the dog and get away from using the leash. We then stretch the distances on the marked and blind retrieves.


Some dogs arrive ready to go into leash introduction after being with us for a week. While others come in and stay in imprinting for three months. This all depends on the age of the dog. The work they have done prior to coming to our facility. Our own imprinting dogs which move into leash work are usually 6 months old. They have been worked with since 8 weeks of age. They grew up retrieving a tennis ball, then a canvas puppy dummy, then a larger rubber dummy. We will film a video with your dog upon drop off, and again roughly one week later once a solid evaluation period is complete.

Numerous one on one sessions are done throughout the started dog training. This ensure the handler and dog team get a good start working together. 

Each dog will vary depending upon the retrieving/drive level possessed. Dogs who come in very dominant, jumping on people, and completely out of control don’t always do as good as  mild mannered dogs simply because some of these dogs don’t wan’t to lose their dominant status. When we try to enforce obedience, and introduce the retrieve game, some dogs are more into being the boss rather than retrieving. This will affect training outcome.

Some dogs come to us loving life, people, and retrieving. We can usually slide these dogs right through the program. Either way, your dog will be given a fair evaluation, opportunity, and effort to get to the desired level. Whether you desire a serious, all out duck dog, or an obedient family companion who will retrieve on the beach or in the back yard to get exercise with your kids. 

Our weekly training rate is $200. To reserve a training spot during our busy months (normally February-November), you must pay a $200 training deposit and sign a training deposit contract. Upon drop-off, you must pay $600 which covers the first 4 weeks of the dog’s time in training ($200 deposit plus $600). If we have an immediate spot available, you must pay $800 upon drop-off which covers the first 4 weeks of training.

A shot record must be provided.

Most clients choose to provide their dog’s food. Our containers hold 70-80 pounds. If you choose not to provide food, we will provide food for your dog (Native brand).

We provide heart-worm prevention and flea and tick prevention for all dogs unless the client brings their dog’s specific meds. You must provide any special required medication! 

Each dog coming into our program will have a blog created on our website. We have a new 4 part custom designed system which allows us to assign training tasks to your dog when they are checked in. These TASKS dictate a scheduled set of training points and reminders, telling our staff when to upload video progressions of your dog for your viewing. Once a video is uploaded, our system will automatically email you the link to watch your dog’s video or see their pictures. These videos will usually include your dog working, and our staff explaining what is happening.

Our staff will also lay out what the next training steps/goals will be. Each year we see dogs that come in with tons of drive and desire, who we think will do great and they hit a hang up here or there. We also see what we would consider mediocre dogs come in that turn into nice well rounded dogs with loads of potential to fulfill their owners needs.

We take pride in keeping owners up to date with our new blog system, and keeping them in sync with what is going on with their dog. Most dogs will have a beginning video done when they come into our facility, then another video done roughly a week later after a solid evaluation period. This is used to provide a baseline and plan of action for progressing your dog. Each client will be given the email address of their dog’s handler to stay in direct contact with them. Of course you can also contact Ace at any time at

Click to see videos of our past and present Basic Retriever Dogs in training!